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The European social fund supports the growth of our company

In September 2005, Essi Footwear Ltd entered into an agreement with the “Employment office in Příbram” concerning the financial contribution coming from the state budget of the Czech Republic within the frame of the Operational Programme of the Development of the human resources co-funded by the Czech state budget and the European social fund.

Essi Footwear Ltd submitted a project with the basic aim to boost up the establishment of new jobs by building of a new production plant of the company in Uhlířské Janovice, district of Kutná Hora and implement the concept managing system for the organization and also increase the qualification of the selected employees, especially in the area of information technologies.

With the contribution of the European social fund, we managed to create and staff 62 new jobs, including 51 worker professions, in Uhlířské Janovice in the district of Kutná Hora.

Judging by the current production schedule, security of the orders, degree of completion of the collection for the upcoming season, it is possible to claim that the guarantee of job existence for at least 3 years was not premature.

Financial support of the ESF has significantly helped to fund all our key activities. One of them is the increase of effectiveness and competitive advantage by gradual implementing of modern forms of external supply relationship control (just in time), and also support of establishment of job positions. Education and development of employees is also included.

Thanks to the project financed by the European social fund, together we have managed to boost up the employment and the business development in the region.

Thank you very much

Further details about our project and also about other projects are available on the website of the European social fund at http://wwwesfcr.cz or directly on the website of the provider, i.e. the Employment office in Příbram, http://portal.mpsv.cz/sz/local/pbinfo .

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